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Good Day Sieko

Thank you very much for last night. The staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves with your ” out of this world” acts.

It was indeed a magical evening and thank you for being a part of it


Dr Matley & Partners


Dear Sieko

Thank you so much for Saturday, you really made our party something special! So many people have emailed or called to thank us and have especially mentioned how fabulous the magic was. A common theme is how much you made them think, and how they are still trying to work out the tricks. They also loved the brinkmanship in the one story, how you seemed to be getting it wrong. We can’t wait to come and see your show, so please let us know when it is.

Thank you again so much.

With warm wishes and hope we stay in touch

Brenda and Graham

Brenda Bell
Pharos Partners | Executive Search and Coaching


We contacted Sieko to come and perform as entertainment at our wedding. All I can say is, I hope another friend of mine asks him to be at theirs so we can see what he did. Everyone was RAVING about him for weeks afterwards. All of the contact we had was very professional and he even called me the day before the wedding to put my mind at ease about him and his performance. Thanks Sieko for blowing our guests away! We might have to invite you around for a braai sometime soon.




Dear Sieko,

Thank you for a wonderful performance!

You are a true professional and it is very rare to work with artists’ like yourself, who can captivate and transform an audience at executive level.

I was looking for a magician who could entertain high profiled guests, ensuring a level of world-class entertainment and not just a kiddies magic show and you excelled on all levels.

I look forward to working with you in the future!


Event consultant – MTN



“I had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing the mind boggling force that is Sieko Skrzypczak during an impromptu display of his abilities at  a 50th  birthdayparty I attended. 

He takes Street Magic and combines it with his naturally charming and outgoing personality which leaves all that witness his skills wanting more. He supplied the already outrageous party with an additional spin which took it to the next level and ensured that all that attended left not only with alcohol induced head aches but also the feeling of amazement as to what they had seen. 

Sieko has the ability to get involved with a party , identify what needs to be done , and does it , theres no smoke , mirrors , lazers or bangs , just great magic which leaves you bewildered. Don’t get me wrong I am certain that he would be equally adept at entertaining a group of 5 year olds as he was enthralling a raucous party of 30 to 80 year olds. 

To me , if you are having a birthday party, business party, product launch , year end function , wedding , funeral , any place where people will congregate , Sieko will add amazement and amusement to the function and ensure your guest walk away with a memory or two.

Highly recommended.

Stuart Oakes
Antal International     




Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening. Our idea of hiring your services as “pre-entertainment” for a 30th birthday party turned out to be the “main attraction!” Unlike “cheap- style” restaurant or TV magic, your tricks were astounding to say the least, as you mingled with our guests. I tried following you for a while hoping to catch a repeat and maybe get a clue, but unfortunately for me each time you came with a different trick and never gave me a  chance. I researched the art of magic as “sleight of hand” but I can’t explain how you question audience members to think of a card, then instantly take out a deck where that card is the only one facing up?! Or when we were all holding the pack of cards, and could feel the pack which we covered with our hands, then you made it “disappear?!” I had to force myself to reason that magic is not real, but you could easily convince me otherwise!!!

You did a great job mixing socially with the crowd and made your tricks blend almost to easily with the crowd and conversations, almost as if it was all rehearsed! You truly are a professional, we all enjoyed having you around, and please give my personal details to any client who needs a reference or indication just how good you really are!

Thanks once again, I definitely want to use you again, if you haven’t “disappeared!”

Eckardt Winks

PSIRA registered security consultant