About – International Magician Sieko

International magician Sieko’s magic is unmistakably unique as he blends his mastery of sleight of hand, with the art of mentalism to provide the audience with a truly unique experience. Sieko is currently based in Cape Town but performs his unique magic for clients worldwide.

His love for magic started at the tender age of 9, performing for family and friends. It wasn’t long before Sieko joined the college of Magic in Cape Town to refine his skill. His passion and love for magic has grown over the years and has culminated in performing for audiences both in South Africa and internationally. Sieko is currently an active member of the Cape Town Magicians circle, and the newly elected treasurer for the magic circle.

Sieko has performed as a magician in South Africa and abroad, in a variety of settings for en even wider range of people. Every show is individually tailored, the length and content specifically made for the audience and occasion.

His preference when performing is the intimacy of close-up conjuring, demonstrating the impossible for small groups of people. At such shows Sieko performs with cards, coins and other objects. For bigger occasions Sieko finds himself comfortably performing on a  stage or mingling with guests at a reception, or strolling between tables at a banquet, in order for larger numbers to see his close-up performance.

When he not performing as a magician Sieko spends his days on the beach kite-surfing.


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