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A magical weekend

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Last week my cyber world was thrown into turmoil. My site had been hacked and defaced, and so the start to my weekend wasn’t looking too good. By Friday afternoon my site was up and running again and I was feeling confident that disaster had been averted. Little did I to know that another group of happy hackers attacked my site on the Saturday…Anyway I was blissfully unaware that cyber-warfare was being waged against my website.  My attention was on far more important things!

Yes, it was weekend and the wind was blowing. For those of you that know me, know I am obsessed with kite-surfing and given half the chance I would be out on the water in a heartbeat. It really is an amazing sport and I must say has probably kept me sane! There is nothing like feeling the raw power of the wind, and controlling your kite, through the multi-coloured sky.  The feeling of pure adrenalin and freedom when you are plucked from the water by mother nature and you fly.  When I kite hours seem like minutes and soon it was time for me to head home. Amanda my fiancee and I were off to a friends birthday party. After a very relaxing afternoon braaing under the African sky and some glasses of wine, I started performing some magic for the children. Our friend suddenly exclaimed, that as I loved magic she has something to show me.

She led me to the kitchen where “lo and behold” a playing card was protruding from underneath a fridge magnet. Well not just any playing card I might add! The signature was easily recognizable as that of none other than “Dynamo”. I must admit for me as a magician something like this holds value and unfortunately my duplication spell was not perfected as yet. However to my surprise I was presented with a card of my own. I now have a new artifact to add to my collection and will treasure it.

Dynamo Magician - Signed card
Dynamo Magician – Signed card















It truly was a weekend that I will remember for a very long time. As for Monday morning well you can imagine how that went down, with the pleasant discovery that my site had magically changed. Oh well I guess there always has to be balance in life – a principle I strongly believe in.  Until next time …