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Glorious Cape Town!

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Yesterday I was reminded of how awesome Cape Town is. Many visitors get to see much more of Cape Town than the average capetonian gets to see of the mother city! Perhaps I should back track a little here…

Yesterday my fiancee, myself and a number of our friends were hosted by Geoff part owner of the family owned waterfront boat company owned by the Girdlestone family to celebrate our engagement and upcoming wedding on one of the company’s yachts. We were treated to a sailing cruise to Clifton. It was an absolutely magnificent day with calm waters and a light sea breeze. No sooner had we left the Cape Town harbor, were we met with the familiar sight of dolphins playing around the boat. It seemed like we were surrounded by dolphins everywhere. With great enthusiasm, camera’s were trained on the playful creatures, and they in turn performed like actors on a stage.

As soon as the dolphins disappeared into the distance we were met quite unexpectedly, by the majestic sight of a massive Southern Right whale. It is quite unusual for whales to be sighted at this time of year frolicking in the bay. The whale was moving graciously through the waters and graced us with a wave from its tail before disappearing into the depths of  Table Bay. A little while later we saw spotted another whale which was swimming across our bow. As our vessel headed for Clifton beach we marveled at the city which was bathed in sunlight and sported its beauty and splendor.

Southern Right Whale frolicking in Table Bay
Southern Right Whale frolicking in Table Bay

Mooring at Clifton, half the guests jumped into the icy waters for a “refreshing” swim. I must admit I was not convinced and opted for the dry option, choosing to bathe in the sun without a care in the world. I have braved the icy Cape Town waters, many times before and just could not see the point of subjecting myself to peer pressure and joining in. Besides I have grown accustomed to the warmer waters in Mozambique which makes Cape Towns water seem like swimming in the North Pole.

On the way back towards the harbor the water was littered with seals just floating on their back on the surface, it reminded me of people floating in the dead sea. Part of me was wondering how these seals could rest in these waters seemingly without a care in the world, whilst predators like “Maureen” a 4.4m great white was spotted in these same waters a few days before. For those of you that don’t know “Maureen”, “Madiba”or the other great whites that have been tagged in South Africa go and have a look at this OCEARCH Global link.

Back to the cruise and magical Cape Town. On the way back we saw people paddling, para-sailing, and even water-skiing. Whilst high up over signal hill we could see the colourful canopies of para-gliders gracing the skies above. Just taking it all in I was reminded of how beautiful this city is and just how many things there are to do! It doesn’t matter if you are a very active, or just enjoy sightseeing, this city offers its residents and tourists everything. I felt alive and very greatful to be able to share this experience with my beautiful fiancee our friends.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I hope you keep in touch. Next time I hope to update you on more magic in Cape Town! Until next time… your favorite Cape Town Magician 🙂

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