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Wow its amazing how time flies. For those of you who have started reading my blog regularly I salute you and at the same time apologise that I do not write more often. This post is dedicated to my amazing wife Amanda – I love you.

Well let me get stuck right in so I can update you on my wedding day. My last post was of an amazing yacht trip around Cape Town, a prelude to our wedding. I am happy to say that Cape Town’s weather played its part beautifully and on the 23rd of March I married the love of my life on Noordhoek beach. I had known Amanda since my school days, where we exchanged letters expressing our attraction to each other. For all you romantics out there YES, I kept the letters all these years, much to Amanda’s surprise. But due to circumstance,it was to be another 25 years before we finally exchanged our vows in the most magnificent location on earth. Check this out thanks to my amazing photographer Dylan Haskin. Check him out at



I have always had a love for the beach and pretty much anything that had to do with the sea, so getting married in such a stunning magical location was just an added bonus. This by the way was a spot that I used to surf in my younger days. Since I started kite-surfing I have not been on a surfboard, but that is for another post.



This was I must say the most special day in my life, and for those of you that are happily married, you will I trust, concur that this day will be etched in your minds forever. The day you commit yourself to another in front of your friends and family. Even the slight hitches where I forgot part of my vows were overshadowed by the magic of the day.

As with all things in life there always has to be balance, and the following morning we heard the sad news that a number of pilot whales beached themselves on Noordhoek beach. I must say it was amazing to see residents of the surrounding area pull together to try and save these gracious creatures. Alas mother nature played its cruel hand and most of these stunning animals never made it. A truly sad ending.