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South African Magician on Youtube

It’s been a while since my last blog as I’ve been hard at work on an array of things but what’s probably of interest is my Youtube channel. With social media tugging at us, around every corner its hard to ignore mediums like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. One does NOT have to be a genius to recognize that the way of the future is marketing via social media. This posed some interesting new challenges and questions. What do people want to see? What will add value to them ? How am I going to reach the audience that I want to target? Without boring you with the intricacy’s of SEO or the functionality of google analytics I think if you can capture the right audiences and critical mass, success is virtually guaranteed.

So the key for me was to see which social media platform would be best suite magic, and how I could add value to my clients and potential clients. As a magician the only way that I could share my passion fully with you was to capture special moments on Video.

The first step was to obtain material that was magical so I teamed up with a fellow magician in Cape Town to shoot all my video clips. Now we needed to get material for the channel. Where would we find it? On the streets of course! Shooting magic on the streets of Cape Town was an amazing project and experience, and will be an ongoing project.

As an artist it is hugely fulfilling to see the appreciation of your audience. For me it was more than merely performing magic to an audience. It was about creating a magical moment.  A moment that would hopefully stay with the audience forever,  something to be shared with others. Street magic gives people from all walks of life to experience magic in its purest form. up close which is something beautiful, something profound and amazing.  I hope that you enjoy and share my channel with your family and friends. I hope that it makes a difference in peoples lives.

I have already posted a few clips. Please take a peek and feel free to subscribe, share, comment. Click here to see some of my street magic shot in Cape.

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