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Drawing Room Magic – Abbey Hotel Bath

Bath’s most exclusive magic show is here! The Abbey Hotel and international magician Sieko are very excited to present “Moments in Time” – a parlor magic show that will leave you with a sense of wonder. What to expect: The show itself, features some amazing conjuring, skilled sleight of hand and clever psychology. Also featured...


South African Magician on Youtube

It’s been a while since my last blog as I’ve been hard at work on an array of things but what’s probably of interest is my Youtube channel. With social media tugging at us, around every corner its hard to ignore mediums like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. One does NOT have to be a genius...


My Happy Day

Wow its amazing how time flies. For those of you who have started reading my blog regularly I salute you and at the same time apologise that I do not write more often. This post is dedicated to my amazing wife Amanda – I love you. Well let me get stuck right in so I...


Glorious Cape Town!

Yesterday I was reminded of how awesome Cape Town is. Many visitors get to see much more of Cape Town than the average capetonian gets to see of the mother city! Perhaps I should back track a little here… Yesterday my fiancee, myself and a number of our friends were hosted by Geoff part owner...


A magical weekend

Last week my cyber world was thrown into turmoil. My site had been hacked and defaced, and so the start to my weekend wasn’t looking too good. By Friday afternoon my site was up and running again and I was feeling confident that disaster had been averted. Little did I to know that another group...